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 Character Profile- Kid Flash

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Kid Flash

Kid Flash

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Character Profile- Kid Flash Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile- Kid Flash   Character Profile- Kid Flash I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 7:35 pm

NAME- Wally West
ALIAS- Kid Flash
AGE- 18
OCCUPATION- Student Teacher
PERSONALITY- Wally jokes a lot and likes to think he's a ladies man but when confronted with a woman that is actually interested in him he gets nervous and panicky. Incredibly smart.
FEARS- loosing his powers and inclosed spaces, being trapped
HISTORY- When Wally was 12 he recreated the experiment that created the Flash, his hero. He did not know that his hero was also his Aunts new husband. He became the Flashes sidekick. He was friends with both Robin and Speedy. (he didn't date Artemis in this version... I love there pairing to much to have had them break up ^^) Wally always excelled in school. After being pulled into another universe he was asked to help with the University to help young people with powers learn control. He accepted.
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Character Profile- Kid Flash
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