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 Character Profile: The Joker

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The Joker

The Joker

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PostSubject: Character Profile: The Joker   Mon May 06, 2013 5:36 pm

ALIAS The Joker
AGE- 40
OCCUPATION- Brotherhood
PERSONALITY- The Joker is sadistic, cruel and cunning, he is Batman's main arch nemesis and has killed people just to get his attention.
RELATIONSHIPS- Harley Quinn (sometimes lover/person he uses)
Although there have been various efforts to create a single, established origin story, there has yet to be an official origin for the Joker. The most popular story, however, is in The Killing Joke, where he is referenced to have been an engineer at a chemical plant before quitting his job to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. His career change did not prove to be the correct choice, as he failed miserably. In desperate need to support his pregnant wife, Jeanine, he turned to a couple of criminals who planned to break into his previous place of work. The Red Hood persona is given to him, signifying him as the inside man of the operation and also seemingly making him the leader, who would take the fall in the event of the operation going wrong. In the middle of planning, the police call him, informing him that his wife and unborn child have died. Stricken with grief, he attempts to back out, but his hand is forced to continue the operation. When they arrive at the plant, however, security, had been increased unbeknown to him, are waiting for them; and, as the Red Hood runs away, the two other criminals were shot dead. Upon seeing the Batman, the Red Hood jumped over a rail, into a vat of chemicals. He washed up in a nearby waterway, where, upon the removal of his Red Hood, he saw his skin had turned chalk white, his hair green, and his lips ruby red. With this added to the previous misfortunes of his day, he had a psychotic breakdown, and as such the Joker was born. However it is suggested in The Killing Joke, by the Joker himself, that sometimes he remembers his past one way, sometimes another. This leaves the origins of the Joker, as ever, open to speculation.
In Alan Moore's The Killing Joke, The Joker paralyzed Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, by shooting her though the spine. He then kidnapped Commissioner James Gordon and put him on a broken roller coaster, showing him pictures of Barbara in various forms of undress, hoping to prove that any man can go insane after having one bad day. The Batman saved Gordon from the Joker's trauma. Although he put Gordon through a great deal of turmoil, Joker is brought in by the book to show him that Gordon and Batman's way will work. The Joker got taken in by Batman after sharing a joke with him. Batman actually laughed at a joke that The Joker told him at the end of this graphic novel
In the late 80's the Joker brutally murdered the second Robin, Jason Todd, who survived a crowbar attack, but not the explosion of the building that the Joker left him in. Batman was too late to save Jason this time. Batman considers this his greatest failure. Batman begins to search for Joker, finding him in a position of power as a diplomat. Eventually Joker attempts to flee from Batman and Superman for the attempted murder of several diplomats, by getting in a helicopter. A fight on board the helicopter made it crash into the ocean. Batman ordered for Superman to find the body, knowing full well that he wouldn't, because that's the way it always is between him and the Joker
This time Sarah Essen Gordon, Jim Gordon's second wife. This was the second time the Joker had attacked a member of Gordon's family. He did frown, however, in the aftermath of killing Essen, who chose to save a building full of infants rather than taking her shot at the Joker. While he surrendered to the Batman, he taunted Gordon to the point of Gordon shooting him in the kneecap. The Joker lashed out that he may never get to walk again and then started to laugh, adding a punchline about Barbara Gordon, Jim's daughter. Jim had hoped to cripple him. While in transport, the Joker escaped to the country of Qurac. He became a part of the government and lead it on a downward path to war. He became a representative for the country in New York, and he threatened to blow up Manhattan. He was captured by the Birds of Prey, headed by Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle.
In a major crossover event, the Joker thought that he was dying and so planned a massive crime spree, to "go out with a bang". The Joker planed to use his Venom on the entire world. President Lex Luthor declared war on the Joker, who responded with plans to have Luthor killed. Black Canary found out that, with hopes making Joker feel what it was like to be the victim of a piratical joke, the Joker's doctor had changed his CAT Scan results in order to trick the Joker into believing that he had a fatal brain tumor. Harley Quinn betrayed the Joker by making an anti-venom for the heroes, after he tried to impregnate her without being married. After he believed Robin to have been killed as part of his plan, Nightwing beat the Joker to death. The Batman, however, revived the Joker.
•Adept Hand-to-Hand Combatant
•Pain Resistance
•Tainted Blood
•Joker Venom Immunity

Due to his mental state, the Joker is immune to fear as he does not understand the concept and sees everything as a joke. He also has an immunity to poison due to prolonged exposure to chemicals. The Scarecrow's fear gas has no effect on him, and Visionary failed to hypnotize him into a state of fear in Birds of Prey #121. He and Poison Ivy have shown immunity to each others' chemicals. As well, the Harlequin of Hate also possesses a very high tolerance for pain. In Birds of Prey #16, the Joker was in a leg cast, but jumbled about as if it was not even there. He has laughed after being shot in Batman: Dark Victory. He showed no symptoms of pain after a couple of batarangs slit his mouth in Batman Confidential. Most of the time, he seems to enjoy pain, provoking others to take a swing at him; thus, he may, with some truth, be accurately described as a sadomasochist. Bullets seem to do little more than slow him down or put him out of commission temporarily. On several occasions, he has been known to survive explosions and crashes. His bones heal quickly, and it has been hinted in a few comics that he does not physically age.

The Joker is a genius inventor and chemist. Using a seemingly laughable but actually highly dangerous arsenal of comedy-themed weapons, such as his patented laughing gas, a bang-labeled spear-gun, explosive whoopie-cushions, an acid-squirting flower, a high-voltage joy buzzer, razor-sharp cards, poisonous pies, acid spraying water gun, and exploding cigars. He has managed to create an MO which fits his macabre appearance. The Joker is immune to his own venom as well as various similar toxins. The Joker is an excellent marksman, as shown in the story arc " Lovers and Madmen". He had made accurate headshots on his victims and never missed once; he also demonstrated his accuracy to people in order to get hired for his skills by throwing a deck of playing cards in the air and shot a jack and both joker cards. His accuracy has also been proven when he shot the ropes of hostages he had hanging from a building to distract Batman. The Joker has occasionally demonstrated above average hand to hand combat skills, having caught Batman off guard with a kick on some occasions. He has shown to be adept with non-comedy themed weapons such as guns, knives, explosives, and even such seemingly non-lethal items as a pencil.

In “A Clown at Midnight” and again in Batman #663, there is a panel in which the Joker is sitting in a cell at Arkham waiting for the Dark Knight’s arrival. As he waits, a mosquito lands on his unnaturally pale arms and attempts to suck his blood. The insect dies quickly instead, for the Joker's bloodstream acts like a poison, killing off its unknowing prey.

The Joker does not possess any outright super-human powers; however, he does show several inhuman abilities. The Arkham Asylum story arc suggests that he is "super-sane;" this means that he sees how the universe really is, without any personal illusions, and that his entire personality can alter to fit the circumstances, making him excellent at impersonating and lying as he truly believes what he says. He has the great strength that madmen are often said to have, and is quite agile. And, like so many comic book characters, the Joker always has the habit of cheating death. People have repeatedly assumed him dead, only for him to rise up again and wreak havoc once more.

It is debatable if it classifies as a super power or not, but the Joker's insanity, or his frame of mind, leaves him immune to the Spectre's judgement, though warranted, as Batman explained once that the Joker doesn't actually know what is right and wrong, a crucial understanding the Spectre needs to judge. In a way, one has to know one's deeds are evil or wrong for the Spectre to judge, and the Joker doesn't. Also, both Jim Corrigan and Hal Jordan Spectres have had major problems with navigating the Joker's mind, Corrigan even managed to get lost in it and Jordan literally was blasted out of his boots to the moon when he tried.

The Joker also has the tendency to break the fourth wall and seems to have a heightened sense of awareness that he is a comic book character. He is the only character to talk directly to the reader and has the ability to do things such as "turn" the comic page or handle his own word balloons. The Joker also seems to know that he exists as Batman's perfect foil. In " Going Sane" (in Legends of the Dark Knight #65-68), the Joker, thinking that he has killed Batman, figures there is no point to him being the Joker anymore and gets plastic surgery and attempts to lead a normal, sane life. However, upon discovering that Batman is still alive, he reverts to insanity and continues his life as a mass murderer.

Regardless of whether he is insane or faking insanity, his intelligence is obvious and his malevolence unmatched. The villains of Arkham fear and sometimes take orders from him, and those who do not know any better and shrug him off as a clown soon discover him to be a force to be reckoned with. He has a habit of pushing his authority and does not always use henchmen to enforce it
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: The Joker   Mon May 06, 2013 6:14 pm

Me: *faingirls* JOKER!!! Wait... shouldne't be this happy o___O ... But I can't help it!! *is mentally debatting with herself*

Loki: Pfft... You could very intressing indeed. I might even like you

Fenrir: Wow what total nutjob .___.
Loki&Me: Like you?
Fenrir: LIKE ME! xD
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The Joker

The Joker

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: The Joker   Mon May 06, 2013 11:12 pm

@Ami Aww why thank you m'dear, except I have a girlfriend you know? She's a little on the jealous side if you know what I mean Wink


I'm sure you would and if we ever meet I'm sure it'll be quite an explosive meeting
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Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: The Joker   Thu May 09, 2013 1:32 pm

Sophie: (I know this isn't Karen, but it still works XD)

Strange: I'm extremely worried by this sudden influx of psychopaths

Donna: . . . I understand that killing is wrong, but I am getting the feeling that no one would reprimand me much if I were to put an end to this strange and off-putting person.

Ivy: And this world just got a lot less fun.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: The Joker   

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Character Profile: The Joker
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