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 A familiar smell. A new victim. {Tag; Fennie & Jorry}

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PostSubject: Re: A familiar smell. A new victim. {Tag; Fennie & Jorry}   Sun May 19, 2013 3:22 am

Vulpe froze when a blue rose was suddenly on her lips. Instantly removing the relieved thoughts from her thoughts. The content, loving smile was removed from her face and was now replaced with a confused expression. Her eyebrow raised as she started to speak, before having her eye twitched when he mentioned her pain. Did that mean he was there this whole time!? This caused a unamused expression to form as she continued to watch him be dramatic. Her blue eyes seemed to have grown darker as she narrowed them. It wasn't even surprising that he hadn't seen her expression change. Which was good, for he wouldn't be expecting anything. Especially what she was going to do when he was done being over dramatic. In a way, she wasn't that mad at him, for he had brought her the type of rose she loved. A blue rose. Though, it didn't really protect him that much. Especially when he had mentioned in a vague way he had been watching and didn't help at all. So when he suddenly spoke of Valentine's Day, her body froze as the unamused expression darkened. He was very late for that holiday. Vulpe let the silence fall between them.

When he suddenly exploded, finally realizing that he had missed that day, her eyebrow raised. As if asking him if he was truly, and utterly that surprised? Or was playing stupid? Even she didn't know. She didn't know if how he was acting was true or not. For he had many sides of him, sides nobody ever knew about. When he spoke about being the worse boyfriend in the world, her eyes closed. Her hands tightened into fists. Did he just really call himself her boyfriend out loud? Did he really just show weakness to the whole world!? The angry grew, and grew inside of her. She sat there, wanting to punch him for being so careless. If there were other people around who had heard, it would be the end of her! Everybody who heard would use it against her! Vulpe bit her lip, trying to calm herself down as he continued to speak. The only time she opened her eyes, was when she heard the clicking noises. The look of disgust befell on her as she saw his gun pointed to his head. Which caused more anger to form. Did he really just try to kill himself!? Did he really just try to remove himself away from her so she wouldn't have her love anymore!? Or was he just being like this to lighten the damn mood? Even if he was, it wasn't helping.

With a sudden, quick move, Vulpe punched Ender and sent him to the wall next to them. Which caused her to fall. "What the hell are you doing!?" She yelled, getting up to look down at her man, "And what is with the whole vague way of telling me you've been here all this time, watching the fight! You didn't even help!?" She snapped, feeling her fingers dig into her hand. "Also, why the fuck are you being so dramatic!? Is this to lighten up the mood or something? Because if it is, it's not helping!" Vulpe continued to yell, showing how upset she was that he had even acted the way he did. Why couldn't he be a bit more serious?! Especially when he saw her getting beat up the way she did? Why was she even mad at this anyway!? She would usually just give him a smartass remark and move on, but she wasn't. She was honestly upset that all he could do was joke!

"God dammit, Ender." Vulpe cursed, turning away to have her back face him.
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PostSubject: Re: A familiar smell. A new victim. {Tag; Fennie & Jorry}   Sun May 19, 2013 4:10 am

My life is over, Ender thought, surrounded by darkness. One minute he heard his gun clicking, the next there was intense pain in his head, and then...nothing but darkness. Did the gun really fire? Was he now dead? And what about Vulpe? Would he ever see her again? Just then a light peered through the darkness, a warm gentle glow that guided him away. "God, is this it?" he asked as the light drew closer, "no...I'm too young...and pretty...this cannot be my fate, I refuse! ....You hear me God!? I REFUSE DAMMIT!"

That's when his eyes opened, and discovered that the glowing light was nothing more than the moon above. Around him was rumble and debris from the wall of the school. His body ached and shivered while his head screamed in pain. Ah yes, he thought, he knew that pain all too well. It was Vulpe's doing; her way of disciplining him whenever he did something stupid. Vulpe! his mind cried, realizing that she was safe and standing before him, blabbering to him about something he did. If not for the ringing in his ears he could hear her words, but just my seeing her mouth yap at 120mph he knew that he was in deep #%!^.

Alright Ender, he thought, time for some damage control.

*From the rubble he lifted his tired body and the sprung to Vulpe, standing just a mere inch from her back. His hands touched her sides and slide downward slowly. His nose grazed the back of her hair, before leaning his lips to the base of her neck. There he kissed her skin, oh how he missed it's softness, and laid more kisses upon it as he moved up toward her cheek. At last he hovered his mouth to her ear and whispered, "Forgive me my love." Once more he pecked her against her ear and then slid his hand over butt, rubbing it intensely, oh how he missed it's warmness.

Did he just pull a Miroku!?

Before she could react Ender rubbed his cheeks against hers'. "I missed you so much," he said. He could feel her veins pulsating with anger. At last, he stopped and released his grip. Standing tall, he cleared his throat before observing the damage to the area. "Vulpe, as a human I must be careful when engaging with such powerful opponents. I do not possess magic, or super powers; one wrong move and I'm dead, plain and simple. If this were a comic book world or even an internet roleplay I could be brought back to life somehow, but I highly doubt that." He moved two feet away, observing the footprints left my Fenrir. "Interesting...Your opponent kept his cool throughout the battle, he would be too much for me without some analyzing." He could feel Vulpe's glare from behind. "Listen," he sighed, "I know I'm you're bodyguard, but you yourself said that I was being overly protective. I gave you your chance to defend yourself and you failed." His eyes drifted to Jorry. "Even I thought that he would be able to protect you, but I suppose my expectations were too high."

Ender turned his back to her. "Looks like there's no choice...my hunt for revenge will have to wait...for now," he said, turning around with a smile, "I'll be attending the university with you my love, as your bodyguard. Things will be just like how we remembered." With his eyes closed, and a warm smile on his face, Ender imagined how exciting things were about to get for he, Vulpe, and the university itself.

No turning back. The hopeless-romantic assassin has returned to her side.
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PostSubject: Re: A familiar smell. A new victim. {Tag; Fennie & Jorry}   Sun May 19, 2013 1:07 pm

Ender wrote:

Did he just pull a Miroku!?

LMAO!!!!! Okay, LOVING Ender!!!! XDDDD That was greaaat X'D Ahhh, Miroku... Uh, Ender XD lol
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PostSubject: Re: A familiar smell. A new victim. {Tag; Fennie & Jorry}   

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A familiar smell. A new victim. {Tag; Fennie & Jorry}
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