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 Character Profile- Shadowcat

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PostSubject: Character Profile- Shadowcat   Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:16 pm

NAME- Katherine Pryde (Kitty)
ALIAS- Shadowcat
AGE- 24
OCCUPATION- Co-Headmistress
PERSONALITY- Kitty is a fun loving type of person and has no problems teaching someone a lesson if she feels they really deserve it. Kitty can be sarcastic but once you get to know her she can be kind and will do her best to help others for the greater good. As Headmistress, Kitty is serious about her job and cares about each of her students, she would put her own life on the line to protect them.
FEARS- Kitty is afraid that she won't be able to do well as Headmistress and is forever second guessing herself, however she is determined not to fail and to do a good job. Kitty has nightmares of being trapped in a bullet due to a traumatizing experience that she hasn't forgotten, she's also afraid of drowning and spiders.
HISTORY- Kitty grew up in Ilinois before she moved to New York with her mother after her parents divorced when she was thirteen. She went to Bayville Middle School in Brooklyn until at the age of fourteen when she first developed her powers. She was approached by both Professor Xavier and Emma Frost to join both of their schools, Kitty chose what she perceived to be the lesser of two evils and went to Xavier's School for Mutants. Early on in her carrier as one of the youngest X-men, Kitty was trained by Wolverine himself and came to see him as a sort of brother. When her father ran into trouble with the Japanese Yakuza, Kitty followed after him on a business trip but was kidnapped by the mob boss, Shigematsu and an evil ninja Ogun who brainwashed her into becoming a deadly ninja assassin. After she single-handedly killed off a group of ninjas she was ordered to kill Logan, upon making her way to him Kitty almost succeeded in killing Logan if it hadn't been for Logan's friend Yukio interfering and knocking her out.

When she comes back to her senses, Kitty was horrified that she had become a killing machine and almost flees before Logan stopped her and forced her to focus on her inner strength. Upon meeting up with Ogun and a group of ninjas, Yukio and Logan go on taking care of their opponents leaving Kitty to face off against Ogun. When she manages to disarm him, Kitty is faced with the choice of killing him or letting him live, knowing that it would only be right Kitty declares she can't kill him. For Logan, its a sign that she is truly herself again, when Ogun tries to kill her Logan steps in and impales him on his claws. After this adventure, Kitty and Logan's bond strengthens and the two work more together as a central part of the X-men. After Professor Xavier and Jean were killed, Kitty decided to go join Excaliber, which was a superhero group that was formed by Captain Britain, she joined alongside Nightcrawler one of her best friends. She spent a few years there at least until she was twenty and then she decided to go home where she found that Cyclops and Storm had started up the Xavier School once more. She joined as a teacher and had to save the children there twice, once when the Danger Room turned against itself and had caused a young child to commit suicide. Using her powers, Kitty had to phase all the children out, something that cost her for over a week.
The second time was when a giant bullet was about to go through the planet, realizing that there would be no time to stop it she had Colossus throw her up to where the bullet was and had to phase the whole bullet through the planet. The effort alone caused her to be inside the giant bullet for over a year until Magneto was able to summon the bullet back. It took Kitty a few months to be able to become tangible once again and she had to wear a suit that allowed her to move out of the stasis chamber she had been in. Having been trapped inside a bullet for so long had made it difficult for her to remember how to phase back.
POWERS/SPECIAL TALENTS- Kitty can turn herself intangible and has also learned how to make herself super strong using a reverse technique that she had trained herself how to use. Kitty has been trained in martial arts by Ogun and Logan, she has also learned how to hack into computers after teaching herself how to access private files. With her phasing ability, Kitty can phase others with her and has shown on numerous occasions that she can pull off feats of stamina that would cause most others to collapse.
PET- Lockheed: Kitty found Lockheed when she was nineteen years old and bonded with him, the two have become very close and ever since Lockheed disappeared, Kitty has been doing her best to find him again. Lockheed is a dragon and can communicate with Kitty in a mental bond they formed when they first met, he can be very protective of Kitty and uses his claws and fire to his advantage even though he's small for a dragon.
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Character Profile- Shadowcat
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