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 {Character Profile } - Felicity

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PostSubject: {Character Profile } - Felicity   {Character Profile } - Felicity I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 3:36 pm

{Character Profile } - Felicity Nat13{Character Profile } - Felicity ESCVZsy{Character Profile } - Felicity HQP9gTN
I've seen the world
Done it all
Had my cake now
Diamonds, brilliant
In Bel Air now
Hot summer nights, mid July
When you and I were forever wild
The crazy days, city lights
The way you'd play with me like a child

Will you still love me
When I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me
When I got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will
I know that you will
Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful?

{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_mlthievFzp1qauzwfo2_500

NAME - Felicity
ALIAS - I guess you can say that she is a kitten?
AGE - 20
RELATIONSHIPS - Father (Loki), Mother (Sigyn), Brother (Vali), Step-brother (Jormungand), Step-Sister (Hel), Step-brother (Fenrir)

PERSONALITY - Felicity use to be more talkative than she is now. She is way different than how she use to be. Felicity no longer is that talkative, and likes to keep to herself. In a way she tries to use her facial expressions, and cat ears to speak. This is due to her having to speak like a cat because of Odin. If you do get her to talk, her ears will rise in shock, before going down. She then will cover her mouth a look away. Felicity is also elegant in the way she talks, and in the way she moves around. You could almost say if you look at her too long, you'll get seducted, for her eyes can pierce right through yours. This isn't a power, it's just the way she speaks. She also likes to use her beauty of her eyes be seductive. It's the trait she loves the most, her beauty.

But, behind all of that she is self-conscious of herself. Though, as she starts to open up, more of her personality will come out.

HISTORY - Felicity is the daughter of both Loki, and Sigyn. Like her brother, and her step-siblings, she was casted away by Odin. The only thing that is different with her, is that she is no longer a Goddess. Odin had taken away her status of a Goddess, but that wasn't the end of the punishment. Her powers of shapeshifting were also taken from her when her Goddess status was removed. As he took both her status, and powers, he decided to worsen the punishment and decided to give her cat ears to remind her of what she lost. For that was the favorite animal of hers, and how she always loved to turn into a cat to sneak around. He had also made it to where she would speak like a cat sometimes.

Example: "What's the nyatter?" (What's the matter?)

When he was done, he left her like he did the others. The only thing she felt after that was; numbness. She didn't want to acknowledged that she was no longer a Goddess like her mother. She was an outcast. Someone who didn't deserve to be the child of the wonderful Goddess.

It took Felicity, seven months to get use to what she was, and it wasn't until then she realized she still held her other powers. The powers of a Biotic. Happy, Felicity started to train those powers, due to they were the only powers she had left. She was going to make sure to have the only power she had left, that it was going to be strong. It took her years to master her powers to their absolute strength, but she did it. Feeling proud, she decided to wait calmly, hoping someone would come save her and take her from her imprisonment.

It was her mother, Sigyn who released her.

Biotic Powers - Biotics is the ability for some lifeforms to create mass effect fields using Element Zero nodules embedded in body tissues. These powers are accessed and augmented by using bio-amps. Biotic individuals can knock enemies over from a distance, lift them into the air, generate gravitational vortices to tear obstacles or enemies apart, or create protective barriers.

The Different techinques of her Biotic powers.

Pull - Pull is a biotic power which levitates enemies into the air. While aloft, enemies will slowly drift towards the biotic, allowing any allies to finish them off effortlessly. The biotic can also combine the Pull effect with a Throw or Charge — similar to the Throw-Lift combination it's able to send enemies flying higher into the air or with Warp which will biotic detonate the target. Pull inflicts a small amount of damage on foes with protection.

Singularity - This gravitational power sucks multiple enemies within a radius to a single area, leaving them floating helplessly and vulnerable to attack. It can also attract objects from the environment, such as crates or pieces of furniture; enemies will take damage if they collide with other solid objects in the Singularity.

Shockwave - When used, the power sends out a series of explosive biotic impacts in front of the user ignoring any obstacles. It can be unleashed along the ground to launch all enemies in its path into the air, or used against airborne targets.

Throw - Throw is mostly used in combat to keep opponents at a distance, by either launching them away or knocking them over, rendering them helpless when they land. In certain areas Throw will knock enemies off ledges so they fall to their death. If used near destructible objects, Throw can break them and hit enemies with debris. Any moveable boxes can also be Thrown into them, injuring them further because their shields cannot absorb the damage. (However, this applies to the abilities of enemy biotics too, so watch out for nearby objects when fighting them.) In enclosed quarters, Advanced and Master Throw are strong enough to punch enemies against walls and cause significant damage.

Biotic Sheild - Pretty much; a shield that can protect you.

{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_mf2suhb5p81qzr7ibo4_r1_250

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PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile } - Felicity   {Character Profile } - Felicity I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 4:02 pm

Lilium: *reads through her mythological books* I never heard of you o.o ooooooh i discoverd a new goddess!!! *.* well... sort of? XD
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_inline_ml1b7ieXoP1rf2nk8

Torunn: *snorts* just what we needed... ANOTHER child of the trickster
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m7r3xwjZwD1r988i9

Vali: ...i have a... younger sister..?
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m2yn1aWgsw1r9gsiqo1_500

Fenrir: A KITTYYYYYYYYY imma keep this one Twisted Evil
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_inline_mine5t7I6M1qz4rgp

Jormungand: another sibling? Oh, hi .___.
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m9y1qyShHl1qim2ju

Angerboda: *does not care*
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_mltfmvYTje1qdwmtyo1_250

Loki: Aha... I suppose she happend during my imprisonment
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m7zqvwgLt61rsy50k
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PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile } - Felicity   {Character Profile } - Felicity I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 4:24 pm

Sophie: . . . I'm not much of a cat person, but you are adorable!
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_lkft3kBsxI1qf5nebo1_500

Donna: .-. *has lost interest*
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m32icdjxJJ1rooisk

Diana: *smiles kindly* It's very nice to meet you.
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m1563x6xh81qfasc6

{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_inline_mfytxeSyNB1rroxdm

Ivy: . . . meh
{Character Profile } - Felicity 53295-Happy-Christina-Hendricks-Day-T6Vt

Strange: *gives a kind smile* Hello there. Pleasure to meet you.
{Character Profile } - Felicity Original
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PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile } - Felicity   {Character Profile } - Felicity I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 4:31 pm

Sigyn: FELICITY! *runs too and holds*
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_inline_mkwv79jIzJ1qz4rgp
Hel: I have a sister? o-o
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m5bx6vhabl1rx1j35o1_r2_500
Gemina: Ohh its so nice to meet you <3
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_mhj6x0KSa61ro6xr9o1_500
Selina: Awwww how cute
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_inline_mf7emcEN9x1rq82fy
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PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile } - Felicity   {Character Profile } - Felicity I_icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 2:58 am

Amy's Characters

To Lilium;
"Yes, if- if you still consider mew as a Goddess-nyaa."
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m7xxc6wLG11qe4kyho1_500

To Torunn;
"Y-You knaow my father-nyu?"
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m5cz3wo2oe1rps8wy

To Vali;
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_mj4r253M9n1qjmwu8o6_r1_250

To Fenrir;
"I-I'm naaot a object, or your pet-nya!."
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_mmb519olaC1rrlordo1_500

To Jory;
{Character Profile } - Felicity 110518124257656557

To Angerboda;
Tries not to look at her.
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_mbanzc8PuH1rqkf12

To Loki;
"Y-Yes it did father-nyaa."
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m874ygEaiJ1qe4kyho2_500

Sophie's Characters

To Sophie;
"U-Um.. T-thank you-nyaa."
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m5cz3bgr2l1rps8wy

To Donna;
Doesn't feel all that bothered.
{Character Profile } - Felicity 110703090351752632

To Diana;
"Nyaice to meet you too-nyu,"
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_lzyqzlIFls1r5hjnko6_250

To Hermes;
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_mgcestQ8ny1rp2k2wo1_500

To Ivy;
Not bothered.
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m6vrttzA9p1r1h93zo2_250

To Strange;
"N-Nyaice to meet you too.
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_mcjzmcA5Tv1ql6ewao1_500

Hannah's Characters

To Sigyn;
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_lz58f9pLjD1qjemo2o1_500_zps8f020665

To Hel;
"Y-yes you do-nyaa. I'm Felicity-mew, nyaice to meet you."
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m2egsiKHKe1r1h93zo1_250

To Hannah;
"Nyaice to meet you too."
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m2egsiKHKe1r1h93zo3_250

To Selina;
{Character Profile } - Felicity Tumblr_m94u5gMFQ11rp4uy8o2_250

((OOC -falls over at all of the hard work at finding the gifs. x-x But, if y'all saw she slowly started to get use to being around people, until she was called cute. pfft! XD))
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{Character Profile } - Felicity Empty
PostSubject: Re: {Character Profile } - Felicity   {Character Profile } - Felicity I_icon_minitime

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{Character Profile } - Felicity
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