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 To Be In Control (Open to Anyone)

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PostSubject: To Be In Control (Open to Anyone)   To Be In Control (Open to Anyone) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 1:30 am

Jay was upset at herself, she had been avoiding her sister for days unable to look her in the eye. She knew she was responsible for most of the students dying and the most disturbing part was how she could remember how enjoyable it had been killing them. While in her wolf form she had given into the temptation of such easy prey, when she had awoken she had been covered in blood and lying next to a dead student.

When she had looked at him she had known she had been the one to kill him, at first she had been horrified but then then she realized she had enjoyed it. She was usually able to control herself fairly well while in her wolf form but the Masquerade had shown her that she had very little control.
To Be In Control (Open to Anyone) Tumblr_inline_mkedyahUqk1qz4rgp
(someone please talk to her <3)
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To Be In Control (Open to Anyone)
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