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 Character Profile- Quicksliver

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Character Profile- Quicksliver Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile- Quicksliver   Character Profile- Quicksliver I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 6:33 pm

NAME- Pietro Maximoff
ALIAS- Quicksilver
AGE- 25
PERSONALITY- Pietro is flirty, fun and very professional at work.
FEARS- his father and loosing his powers
HISTORY- Pietro was born with his twin sister Wanda. His father was Magneto. His parents lived together but one day someone in the village near their home and they were attacked. His mother was pregnant at the time. The home burned down and Magneto thought that his wife was killed and he went crazy and killed them all. His wife saw this and ran in fear. He found her after she had given birth. She died a short time later. Magneto took his children and began to train them. His daughter Wanda began to get out of control and Magneto sent her to an insane asylum. Pietro was later abandoned into foster care. He grew up in New York shuttled from home to home. Finally he was taken in by Mystique and was made part of the Brotherhood. After high school he went to college and in a short time had 4 degrees. He later became a member of the Avengers with his sister Wanda. When S.H.I.L.D. started it's university he was called in to become the teacher of Reflexes.
POWERS/SPECIAL TALENTS- Super speed, stronger then average, muscle strength.
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Character Profile- Quicksliver
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