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 Why Do I Try? (Open to All)

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PostSubject: Re: Why Do I Try? (Open to All)   Fri May 24, 2013 1:06 am

Logan wore an amused smirk. "Logan." He told her, as he followed her.

Logan walked by an intercom and pressed the button for Kitty's room. "Hey, when you got a minute, we got something going on down here that you aren't going to believe... It's caused by the portal apparently..." He said, before releasing the button, waiting on an answer.

{OOC: Want to move them over to the topic with Batman and Batgirl???
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PostSubject: Re: Why Do I Try? (Open to All)   Fri May 24, 2013 1:18 am

(ohhh okie <333)
Kitty had been reading up on some material that could possibly help with strengthening their defensive measures on the school when she heard the intercom beep. She looked up when she heard Logan's voice and smiled, "I'll be right down." She said warmly before she released the intercom button, she still needed to have that talk with him after all. She smiled and phased her way down and out of her room, much faster and cooler besides, not that she was trying to impress anyone or anything.
Selina raised an eyebrow at Logan noticing that he seemed to perk up when he talked to the mystery girl on the intercom, seemed she had discovered his girlfriend. Smiling to herself she opened the doors to the lab and walked in.
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Why Do I Try? (Open to All)
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